Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wanna Flick? Spring Videos!

Yes, spring has sprung, -bear with me- and it's just about time to have a look at some of the movies being posted in our group! There are so many, and I am so bad at keeping up with the flow! I am gonna show you a couple new ones, and a little bonus!

First off is Ayara Illios' new movie,

Despite being shot by a Dutch director and having 'Showgirls' in the title, this movie is not affiliated with the Elizabeth Berkley/Kyle MacLachlan 's classic, but it's even better (it would certainly score higher on Rotten Tomatoes anyway),and it's a sexy video shot in the non-fictional club by that name.

"See what happens when you spoil the girls at Showgirls enough!" says the tagline, and obviously there's quite a bit of action to be spotted, through the glitzy interiors of this club. With Ayara's trademark camerawork and three very desireable girls on screen, I am sure you'll be enticed into dropping by.

Had enough of chicks, clubs and mercimony for today? Too bad, because the following flick is about a stripper and cash as well, although, it is certainly different in look and feel. It is the latest from notorious party curtain caller Saffo Alvarez:

There is a backstory about the movie and its inception (no, not Inception, no dreams into dreams and all that), and that is, in Saffo's words:

"Hey folks. 

During the Moonie help auction I offered to record a non porn fashion movie. Toni Rose won the bid.. and here is the result: 

activate HD and 16:9 ! Well was a bit porn anyways.. hehe 

 btw Toni has problem watching NM.. if anyone knows a solution.. pls help her!

Thx Saffo"

Oh indeed that NaughtyMachinima issue (the website loads only in its mobile version, I reckon) is annoying, if you know how to solve it, please tell your experience here in the comments!
I heard that using User Agent Switcher helps to have the website correctly recognize your browser, but I have not tested it properly myself, mostly because I did not encounter the problem myself, so far (phew!).
Anyway, where was I?


Oh yes, that part. Obviously. Well, not gonna spoil the little cute storyline on this one , and I want you to go take a look at the movies now! After the jump! But wait, BEFORE the jump, I am adding more meat to the bone(r), and what a fine meat that is! As always impeccable in its quality, I strongly suggest you to check out DOOM's latest.

I could go on and post tons of screenshots of Deez's sexy bootay, but it's much easier to tell you to just pop to the clip (on Flickr only, because I cannot legally embed it due to their restrictions) after the jump. Daves Dethly's puts together a spectacle visually much more rewarding than what my poor screenshots can show ! Also, stay tuned till the end of it, because, amazingly enough for a musical showoff vid, there is a cute surprise at the end. Totally justifies the title, too.

I am the jump, bitches! Click me to see the videos!
Also, send Kat all the material you wish to be featured, because why not!

Cum inside Showgirls

Cum inside Showgirls powered by XTube

That`s what you get for 5$


Pop pop yo pussy like this

Watch it on Flickr! 

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