Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wanna Flick? Also, do you like Oreo?

Movies keep coming! Let's have a look at a couple!
A couple from Omer Smithson for instance.

Despite the somewhat unsettling title and Be's presence, there is no toiler humour involved here, but actually a hot and fun 3-way action! After yesterday's Busted post, I get to blog again her and the super cute and curvy Asari !

In a much more XXX setting, of course.

Omer has some go-to locations as well as trademark music scores, and when I saw the beginning of this, I figured it was going to be a remake of the video featuring Amanda (owner of the location too) I already covered in the past. Which would have been fine, as I certainly love seeing a naked and wet Be, but on the contrary, the video goes for something entirely different.

Rub-a-dub-dub, and all that!

Being porn, you can imagine how it works: when one girl walks into a guy getting it on with another girl, she's always going to join in! And that's what happens!

That's what happens for the MFF scenario, but what about a MMF ?
We find out with ...

What happens here, of course, is that the girl is more than happy after flirting with one dude, to be joined by his bro, who was sitting it out faking indifference

(which is not so easy when you for some reason got suddenly butt naked)

..and all the double trouble action begins!

Star of this production is, together with Omer, another dark gentleman with a tremendous look, Jack Guru. Jack has been around the porn scene for quite a bit and has always been somewhat elusive but nice to chat with. His photos are also quite pretty, and he is perfect for the role!

And of course, their female counterpart is the Artist Formerly Known As Krystal Steal, who is rocking the porn world with her steamy photosets, and her yellow lilo: Rikki Sixx!

And she is a lady that is making a habit of  (not to mention, a buck with....) being teamed-up upon, so she surely knows how to handle a tag team, even of two enthusiastic and so well built guys!

Both movies are some of the nicest efforts made by Omer so far, with really cool closeups mixed with his usual wide dollying.

All the actors look great, and remember that he always is looking for more, as he keeps reminding us in the notices. Don't be shy and IM him, Omer Smithson in world, to get a part in his next flicks!!

Don't be shy with me either! I wanna write about what you have been doing, right here on the blog! IM me and help me out with some material, and you have a guaranteed spot here, always!
Coming up soon, more Be! Doom's latest! Business stuff! And way more than I can timely cover!

Disturbed in his bath 

2 Blacks on Rikki 

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