Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Back to School !

The summer is over, but I have good news for you, here on ....

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO*vocative Magazine September 2015

It's time to be back to school!
Wait, what? Why is that good news? I know that might sound surprising, especially if you have celebrated already enough birthdays to make the candles cost more than the cake itself, but it IS good news, because Pro*vocative came out and brought us a super-sexy Back To School special!

Back to school: Gaea, Spirit, Keeley, Addy Summerwind, Ali Lancrae, Partee and Rosa

These themed shoots are a highlight of the magazine, after the lovely bikini blitz spread from last month, and you'll get to see plenty of beauties in one of the most popular setting for kinky shoots. And those beauties are of course the sexy staff of Pro*vocative, who once more put together a magazine good to watch and intriguing to read. Ok, don't worry, you won't see Rob or Ed in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit... You will see their new producer Gaea Oakleaf-Danick, though!

We are all addicts like that, don't you think so?  Check out the magazine and learn more about it.

Together with Ali's traveling tips and Partee's fashion report, an interview by Rosa with the creator of one of the hottest shopping sim of the moment, and one with the featured model of the month, the sexy Lady Spellhunter. With the photography provided by the newest addition to the creative team of the magazine, the scourge of all cookies Keeley Snowfall-Ember. And you'll see also the latest and last in the series of couch interviews with furniture makers by the expert Edvard Taurion, who you can always still read on his popular blog.

Few photographers can shoot sexy bums like Keeley Snowfall! Maybe because they are at eye level for her, usually....

Needless to say, the cover of this issue is nothing short of spectacular and the choices of featured photographer and flickr picks by Rosa are always oriented to provide the best possible visuals to you readers. Visit the website to browse the magazine, ask for an in-world copy and let the amazing staff know how much you appreciate their work. Don't forget also to join their flickr group and upload your best and sexiest shots if you'd like to be picked and appear in the magazine.

And don't forget to contact me to ask me any question and come up with a suggestion or proposal for blog posts. I want to cover your work in the most faithful way possible! Thank you.

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