Monday, September 21, 2015

Dog Star Productions turns 50!

Whenever I see a new Dog Star Productions movie being announced, I know for sure that I am going to be treated to some seriously salacious sexiness in motion. I had chances to announce through the blog many of Isabelle Cheviot's movies already, and those are the kind of flicks that are easy to 'sell': full of sex, featuring a variety of actors, taking you through a lenghty satisfying ride with well picked angles and a very natural and precise camerawork (no matter how crowded they can get!).

Of course this (second to!) latest movie, Heaven, is no exception. But the movie begins with something unusual. And that is because, the movie marks a special milestone. And so, before i get to talk about the movie itself, I fancy the occasion to give Isa a chance to speak here on The Sexiest blog about the shaggiest dog in SL (you can thank me later for not titling the post '50 Shades of Greyhound' or something equally stupid). Enjoy!

- 50 movies for your production company! First of all congratulations, and remind us how did Isa Cheviot start her career in porn!

" Thank you so much! I'm proud of this accomplishment but I certainly couldn't have made 50 films without all of the performers who have been in them. I can't thank them enough! To answer your question, I got my start making a film with Priapus Moeleneaux of Velvet Rose Productions. Not long after that, a good friend of mine here in SL (Liam Erde) was interested in directing porn and so it was a good fit. "

Priapus Moeleneaux getting to break Isa in for her -so far- only non-Dog Star movie, 'Poolside'

- Tell us more then about the beginnings of Dog Star through Liam Erde, your involvement and how it transitioned to be 'your' company.

" Once Liam and I decided to film together, he had to learn how to do it! We made a few 'trial' short films that are probably long gone now and over a 2-3 month period he learned the whole process. Our first film together that was released was actually 'Lust - Becca' - which is still out on my blog.

 'Lust - Becca', marking the beginning of Isa and Liam's collaboration

Soon after that we got ambitious and made the first part of Izzy's Bad Day. During the filming of this, he taught me what he was doing. Told me what software he used to film, etc. There were a few more films but then sadly, RL took him away from SL entirely. I still keep in occasional touch with him by email but haven't seen him in world in quite awhile.

 Shots from a 'lost' movie from the Liam Erde era of Dog Star. 'Lust - Arienne' recently dug out and blogged by Isa.

I wish he could be here to talk to you because really he started this whole thing. Once he decided to quit SL he sent me everything he had related to Dog Star and told me to run with it. "

- Out of these 50 movies, which one excited you the most? Also, imagine there's someone who has not seen any of your movies before. You can pick just one for him or her to begin watching. Which one would you pick?

" I'm very proud of the long films I've shot (the 2 parts of Izzy's Bad Day I filmed) and definitely Fallen Angel. I think that one is probably my best film but it's a shame that the quality is so bad out on the website. You really should see it on my laptop lol - it's much higher quality!

 I think that one is the one that overall represents what I'm trying to do. I also really enjoyed 'Brazilian Nut' and 'Cuckolded'. 'Heaven' was fun to make as well. "

- You shoot a lot in SL, and that involves also setting up the scenes etcetera. Very time consuming process, and like a certain other very prolific filmaker i have had the pleasure to work with recently, you schedule your shoots sometimes a long time in advance. What else do you like doing in SL besides making movies?

" It's true - I have to schedule in advance. I have RL relationships, have a demanding job, and am working on my MBA so I'm pretty busy. It's rare that I can just pop on and see who is available for a film. Plus as you say, the sets require some time so I need to plan ahead. But in SL when I'm not filming I really enjoy dancing and meeting fun, intelligent people. Sadly, I don't get to do much in SL besides film these days but I try. "

- Are filmaking and/or photography a passion/hobby of yours in RL too? Do you watch the movie and photo work of others and if so, tell us a bit about who would you like to work with and haven't yet.

" I don't do film making or photography in RL (i mean i have my phone I take pics with lol but nothing fancy) - this is strictly something I do in SL for fun. But I'm a huge fan of quality films in RL and am kind of a film-nerd. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't watch a lot of work by other directors on here as much as I should; I just don't have the time.

What I *have* seen has been really amazing. I love Emily's films of course and I think there are some other highly talented people out there. I am anxious to work with Racheal Rexen, Marika Blaisdale, and Yana Grau. It's just a question of finding time."

- So, what else are you planning to celebrate your 50 movies (and how many orgasms? You DO keep score, I know....) ?

" I'm hosting a party for one thing but haven't settled on the date yet. Beyond that I just finished editing #51 and have several projects in the pipeline so no rest for the wicked lol. How many orgasms? As many as I can have!! It's funny you mention that... (yes, it's as if I knew about it or something... :p - Kat ) I *DO* keep score but not everyone knows where to look for it.

Haha - that was an idea that Ariana had and I absolutely love it - each # is the total of orgasms I have during filming AND editing combined. Yummy. If I'm being honest, it's the main reason I do this. I don't get paid for making films so orgasms are the true currency of Dog Star. If someone watches a Dog Star film and is able to have a satisfying orgasm....mission accomplished. And of course I get to have them too!! "

Thank you so much to Isa for sharing more about the movie! This latest release, Heaven, would deserve the usual bunch of screenshots and everything, especially considering it sees the Dog Star debut of the very well known Jewell Infinity, the absolute debut of the sexy DreamZ4you, is only fitting that this milestone features Rob Roxley, one of the favourite actors in SL porn today, extremely easy to work with due to his laid back attitude, avalaibility and attention to getting the right look.

Enjoy it, after the jump. Together with the first Dog Star movie with Liam and Isa together, and two movies dug up by Isa on her blog recently. 'Old' material, but I am sure you'll get a smile out of them, and even if Liam and Priapus have not shot new movies -for different reasons- lately, it's interesting to see how the only part that 'dates' them is basically the avatars' looks.

Looking forward to see the efforts of the new filmakers. With Isa's work as a certainty for something exciting that comes up!

usual reminder: feel free to IM me when you want a movie or project of yours covered on the blog!


Lust - Becca by Liam Erde

Lust - Arienne by Liam Erde

Poolside by Priapus Moeleneaux

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