Monday, September 28, 2015

Triple X, Double D

Of all the various videos that came out in the past month or so, today I am linking one of the most recent, as it features one of the Semifinalists for the Miss Busty SL pageant.

And you blog readers are certainly familiar with her! Yes, it's another spectacular presentation by .DOOM. . mr. Dick Dethly has proven time and time again that he is able to pull off different styles and settings in his videos, with luminous and festive - not to mention, feisty- locations, as shown in the previous 'Slipper when wet' and many more. But since the first video of his that we had the chance to look at for the blog -and early work he referenced in his interview some time back- the first mental pictures that come to mind are those of dark atmospheres.

Part of that due to the delightful presence of his muse Double Deez, an Elvira for the twenty-tens, who never fails to look amazing. Her unique vuluptuous mien promises seduction...

...and yet, you see how exceptionally kinky and forceful the sex happens, between her and her 'daddy'. For your viewing pleasure right here.

"Sultry seductress gives more than a private dance for her sexy Master. His dark desires unfold as he drives his insatiable cock head into her wet and waiting cunt. He brands her with his slaps leaving red welts on her phat ass and tits."

Yes, those descriptions they do are pretty on the mark!

Speaking of spots, let this movie hit your sweet one, watch it after the jump!
And stay tuned for more movie coverages in the future, of course. Including another .DOOM. video!
Meanwhile, congrats DD!

Miss Busty 2015 Pagent

If you'd like your movie to be covered, holla and I'll always be glad to help out!


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