Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wanna Flick? Just Doom

Here you are! Got some movies to cover here. Such as...

Oh sure, it's "Just Jojo". "Just" a heck of a hot model, and "just" yet another excellent .DOOM. presentation!

I have always an easy time covering the movies from mr. Dethly, because all I have to say is take screencaps and then say "go ahead and watch, the real thing is 100 times hotter than these!".

'Just Jojo' is a brilliant music video shot in the tradition of other great efforts from Doom such as Redline: a powerful erotic display in a perfect coupling of delicious curves and gritty, gleaming lights.

"Luscious blonde barbie slut gets banged hard then deepthroats her mans thick cock. "
Yes, I like those pretty accurate descriptions!

.DOOM. - New Film - Just Jojo

And that's not the only recent release from .Doom. : there's another, sensational one. Ah, maybe i should have said...

Skinsational! ... 
Cuz, it's the name of the video. 
See, I was being clever and all...
Ok, ok.

It's pretty awesome to see two movies with such a different visual style. And yet, both with some real fine action. The hot bodies of Dick and Jojo don't cool down a lot as they move from the shower to the massage table through some smooth, excellently filmed animations that I am sure will make the sponsor quite happy.

Again, pictures here illustrate a lot clearly how this video sets up a polar opposite scene than 'Just Jojo', with the soundtrack being very 'chill'-like and mellow, and yet I am sure you'll feel quite a bit of stirring as you watch it!

Which you should do, right now. Both movies are after the jump, and they are certainly worth seeing. Over and over!

Also, dat ass. And dem tits!

So just look at them, clicking below. And do not forget, if you wish your work to be seen and featured here on the blog, let's talk about it, i'll always be glad to help out with it!

Just Jojo 

.DOOM.. Just Jojo powered by XTube


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