Friday, September 25, 2015

Are you f*cking with Ves?

BigDaddyVes has been busy this month with his Naughty Eclips studio! There's little doubt about what you are going to see here, in his "Fucking with Ves" series! Yes ! I censored the F word in the title but I use it freely in the post! The mysteries of the human mind!

Fucking With Ves Vol.1

Ves so far in this Vol.1 brought us 4 spicy curvy girls, and in the tradition of Naughty Eclips, the action gets hot right away, with a lil' tease...

and then it's time for what the title says

Fucking With Ves Vol.1

You can see the four actresses involved in the neat movie posters, and appreciate the good presentation of the material. Needless to say, they are unique and different beauties, and the stages where the 4 vids are set are varied and well utilized. Ves' filming is neat and his camera is happy to circle and then close in showing it all.

Fucking With Ves Vol.1

I am sure you will find these videos very entertaining to watch. The girls are sexy, the sex is well shot, and the soundtrack choices quickly became personal favourites. All you can ask from porn is showing good stuff, and Ves, one iris wipe after another, certainly does that!

Fucking With Ves Vol.1

Love to see him show off his actress in every curve: watch all the vids, and pick your favourite! I liked the dance/strip club dynamics in the movie with Des, but also the visuals in his encounter with Renee India, and seeing an actress I was not familiar with, the luscious Rythm.
Busted covergirl Asari is a perennial favourite of mine, and too bad that for the lower resolution of the 'pilot' episode: the series keeps getting better!

Enjoy the movies and their quite catchy soundtracks, after the jump!

Fucking With Ves 1x1: Asari 

Fucking with Ves 1x2 Renee

Fucking with Ves 1x3 Des FireKat 

Fucking with Ves 1x4 Rythm Major Grey

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