Monday, September 7, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Magazines at Work !

Where has the summer gone? Sigh. It's almost Halloween already! At least if you want to be in...

BUSTed Magazine


Yes, ok, it's not QUITE the time yet to toss away your bikini and start looking for your naughty trick-or-treating garb, but one of the most exciting issues of Busted is traditionally the Halloween special, and this time will make no exception, I am sure. Also thanks to YOU...but first. In orderly fashion. What's on THIS issue? Well....

Lots of sexy models! 

Alejandra Bilasimo is one of the 'women at work' in this issue !

Nooooooo, really, Kat? Gee, I see how your posts are totally added value to the magazine, thanks! Ok, my sarcastic imaginary reader: from the uber-cute and scrumptuous Asari Dark Sun, rocking her afro puffs on the cover, to the thick and hawt Kaoru Kira doing some gardening work that for once doesn't involve wood,  and naughty nurse Nataliesch, you'll get to see the quality photo work by Rachel and Be throughout the whole issue (with the amazing Spirit adding some more colour with the beautiful milky skinned Babygirl Zapatero ).


Kaoru was especially happy about her photo spread in this issue, as you can see !

Photo work which include the patented Busted photo spreads with their profile questions, but also the professional fashion shoots and the cute zodiac almanac by Be, and the delightful trips of the two through various SL sims, chronicled by Rachel through the whimsical atmosphere of her photos and yet precise writing of the spots of interest of their destination of choice. This issue features The Cyprian Garden, a sim often recommended in the pornstars group chat as a great place to visit.

Oh yes, I mentioned earlier: you can and will be on the next issue of the magazine yourself, anyway! How?
Easy, easy. There, read.

The dynamic duo showing off their rather large pair. Of wings.

Busted Halloween Special


Photographs must be in the Halloween Theme
No sex pics or male nawty bits please
You can submit as many photographs as you want, but only up to 8 will be used of each model.
The winner will be chosen by myself, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference and an independent panel of judges.

All photographs must be submitted by the 21st of September, any sent after this date will not be considered. Photographs must be full perm and at least 1024 x 1024 and high resolution.
Photographs SHOULD NOT be posted on other social media sites, ie, flickr, facebook before the magazine is published.
Submit your photographs to Rachel Swallows/Elenamicheals Core, Name them *Busted Halloween Contest YOUR NAME*
If you have a photographer do your pictures, make sure you include their name. 
Prizes will be awarded to the model, its up to you if you share.
Entries not abiding by these rules will not be considered, I am not going to chase you, so make sure you get everything right.

FIRST PRIZE: Front Cover, 2,000 Lindens and various gift cards from our Advertisers including 5k gift cards from Spanked Skins & Rachel Swallows Creations.
SECOND PRIZE: 1000 Lindens and various gift cards from our Advertisers including Pink Sugar, Luscious Delights, Angelic Antiques, Busty Boutique
THIRD PRIZE: 500 Lindens & Gift Cards.

Good Luck,
Rachel & Be

We'll have all the time in the world to get sick and tired about Halloween through the second half of October, but make yours start early, as it's worth quite a few benjamins as you see! The past specials of the magazines have been a blast, now put your imagination to work and enjoy!

But if you are into modeling that involves live events and you are a fan of the 'enhanced' avatar look, one other contest you should not lose sight of, and already we spoke about it last month, is the Miss Busty SL 2015 Pageant.

I'll post a reminder about it again, but keep in mind...

All applicants to Miss Busty SL should complete the Pageant Application and submit it not later than Midnight (SLT), September 15, 2015.

So please, if are busty and proud to be, consider this opportunity, which already saw members of our community come really close to get top honours there!

And also, go get Busted, dammich (which is one of the places where you can find the application form for Miss Busty :p) !
You can read Busted on the Busted blog, or get the in-world version through the group notices and that luxury piece of art deco that a Busted kiosk is! You merely have to click it once and choose to subscribe, and you are sure to get it at the first of the month!

Please feel free to hit me with news that can be of interest to the pornstars community! Always happy to blog those!

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