Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hello! Pornstars - September 27 2015


The party scene is so ever active, and you guys are totally awesome. You are! These photos are a tiny slice of the fun and talent that can be found in the events that run daily in the scene: if you are new to all this, or want to get started, what better way do you think there is than meeting those who are part of the community? You do it easily exactly at the Official Pornstars Parties.

She comes.

How resist?

Some of the photos taken at the parties are "wow!" portraits, like the beautiful shots by Sasquatch Rhino above here, and Laredo, taken at Brit-X, our newest party in the party circuit.

DJ Kat Topless Tuesdays Brit X Party: DJ Kat

Some of the photos of course are 'action' shots like these starring Jenny Starveling!

These shots happened at Club Erotique. We have seen plenty cool and stylish images captured and stylized by Tammy Jones there.  And of course we have more today too!
But this batch here might be the last one from her big Club Erotique set, unfortunately. As you won't see that familiar pink background behind Yana anymore...

Yana Grau









Iris will see this background, the one from HER OWN club!

Erotique as explained by Serenity in her post is not hosting anymore Pornstars parties, but as you can easily see, for the casual partygoer it's mostly a change in LM, as the Dj is the same, and so is the 'art direction' so to speak. Already an architect of the latest previous incarnation of the club erotique building, Yana easily adapted the magic box to a new location.

What's up with all the Dutch djs in the club scene? Hmmm! Anyway, Club Yana existed before our dynamic Dj met one fateful day with Serenity and Arwen and became integral part of our community: through the years she offered continuous collaboration with Erotique becoming one of the most reliable and hard-working djs, even in face of personal adversities. Congrats Yana, looking forward to the future.

 These pics from the opening evening, by the way, come from the gorgeous Urmeli Ellisson...

and you can find more on her blog!

More, including even a video taken - what courage!- at the uber crowded Saturday SL porn party!

And still from Emily's parties - remember, you can find as many pics as you like from her parties on her blogs, the hump day one, and the beach one !! - here's a fun shoot by one of the rising newcomers, the beautiful Brea Brianna.


Thank you Urmeli for your work, thank you to Tammy, Sas, the guys at Brit-X, the SL Porn photographers and every partygoer who does their best to make the parties fun and morable. Remember, there's literally at least one party a day, don't miss out if you have the chance!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

And that's enough for this edition of Hello! Pornstars! Coming up next: more party pics from all over the week, including some HOT shots at Ocean Haven, tomorrow's party! After the jump, one of the best party videos from my memory, as a little tribute to all the awesome parties from Club Erotique. Thank you Sere and Louise, you know you are loved!

Erotique Pool Party 21.6.15 powered by XTube

See you tonight at Club Yana, and all over the place throughout the week!

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  1. Thanks so much Kat. :) A really nice and great post to see our last party pics featured on. Thanks to all our guests over the years. Looking forward to keeping on seeing the Pornstars party scene grow and thrive. xox