Friday, September 11, 2015

Wanna Flick? Loud and clean!

What has been happening in the movie scene? Let's have a quick look at a couple new flicks.

In Da Pink Productions presents: Missing Him (Porn video)

Many thanks to Suff for this cool poster! Gotta love the audio logo, who knows if it will become a standard in SL porn machinima, like the Dolby one. Or Thx. Or Thud. Coming soon , in a theater, near you!
The only thing it misses, I think, is the typical 'Based on a true story' tagline.
At least that's what I think it is, based on the plot of the video summarized as following by Leannan...

" Leannan is home alone, and waiting for James to get home. What better way to pass the time than to warm herself up waiting for him? *winks* "

This is Suff's second video (the first being of course, the one about a not really in tip-top shape vehicle) where she took care of the entire process, as she produced, shot, edited, and acted both with her avatar and doing voiceover on it. Her vocal talents are well known, and she doesn't disappoint here, putting on a really inspired, and inspiring, performance. I am sure you'll find her delivery on her few lines purr-inducing, with her characteristic deliciously naughty laughter surfacing at the right time, and ...all the 'appropriate' sounds coming at you loud and clear!

Suff is also working on her camera movements with the prospect on doing in the not so distant future more videos that include other actors who are keen on performing with their true voices. A really tough task that needs true acting skills: Suff can do that egregiously, and we are looking forward to more of her performances. Alongisde the other type of performances that we have seen her doing at more than one Pornstars party lately, together with her husband and master! I am talking about DJ, of course... :p

Let's have a look at one more video. Picking the latest from the super-prolific Zane!

Barbie, aka hardstylebarbi3 is once more the model of choice for the InZane one, and why not? She is hot, and he surely knows how to shoot her effectively.

In fact, Zane's visuals are always spot-on, and without being overtly flashy, he strings together shot after shot of varied and freaking hot sex animations.

Just look at that sexy glance. And the movie is totally true to its name! Hot bath...and shower, too.

And that's just one of the many movies that Zane has been doing, which hopefully I'll get a chance to mention in the future. Again, I look forward to cover your work, and I invite you to send me the material of your choice, I am always one (offline) IM away!

Enough ! The movies are here, after the jump!

Missing Him 

A Hot Bath 

A Hot Bath powered by XTube

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review of my movie!!! I hope to have more out soon, and that everyone enjoyed;) Hee!!