Friday, September 4, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: (don't) Look Mom, I am on the cover!

Is this a case of judging a magazine by its cover?

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

Last week, it was time for the newest issue of Aroused! The magazine, I should remind you, switched from its bi-weekly format to a monthly schedule. That's because of course its boss Marika Blaisdale felt she was not busy enough, and decided to make a completely new magazine, based heavily on her work and with shemale beauty as focus. But Aroused! stays busy and doesn't miss any chance to feature the creations of stand-out photographes, regardless of their gender and the gender of their models of choice.

Some of the photographers are names very familiar to the magazine's readers, such as Sandra Palletier, some others are at their first appearance. I wish I'd have space to comment on each every one of them, and showcase them all, and....

Well, actually, why not? This time at least.

Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

Nicasio Ansar for instance. Reliable and prolific, from landscapes to paparazzi shots, he has a great talent to get the shot just right. And of course, he knows how to showcase beautiful models. 
Who would pass on featuring 2 sets from him?  Especially when you consider who his models were. Ariana Scarlet is someone I enjoyed working with on a movie set, and has Miss Danika 2015 credentials. Just look at her and you'll be charmed, I am sure. The Sexiest Female Model 2014 Zaria Velde needs no introduction, and if she does, well, give her a few more days without computer problems: when she is around, she knows how to make heads turn. Please enjoy another take of Zaria, still from Nica, on Domino's website!

  Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

Next, a debut magazine from Adele Simondsen. An oustanding model who in this 'rookie' year already has graced the pages of other publications like Busted and Brit-X, she is not just a stunning beauty rocking the jungle setting better than Tanya Roberts in her heyday (and getting much better reviews I am sure), but also a very exciting photographer, making cover- worthy shots.

  Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

I was privileged also to feature a sensual artists like Bonheur Beaumont in her first magazine appearance, of many I hope, since her style intrigues me immensely. A very risquè set, but art is often about controversy, and as they say, "Obscenity is whatever gives a judge an erection". Desirae Beaumont and Skye Avelino were sexy co-models in this feature.

  Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

Also at his first magazine appearance, Gabriel Snakey, who brings to life a tremendous concept. He is such an active and trustworthy gentleman...with a very kinky mind, but we'll get to see more of that soon. His black and white set with Partee, MariaCieloMonroe, Madazzhatter, Cindy Starostin, Tamara Niven, AndreaFoglio, Dolores79, is really colourful. (See what I did there?)

  Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

And many models were also featured in another magazine debut, from someone who knows the right buttons to push, and likes to do the pushin' on the cushin' too! Hmm somehow it doesn't work if you say it that way. Well, anyway, few on the porn scene can match the dusky erotic atmospheres Nakuru Bergamasco puts in his photos, and it's a great pleasure to see the glorious bodies of Zynda, Ayara, Zuby, Chandi, Francesca, Des Firekat. Nak's work is also on display on her sim, a very interesting place to visit, and your stop for the Thursday pornstars party!

Aroused! Magazine Issue 30

Phew. Have I mentioned everyone? Yeah well, probably I missed someone or something. Something that might still be in the dark recesses of my mind maybe, involving gags, plugs and bondage.....and I am pretty sure there was a totally awesome black and white photoset too, but I think you have to check it out on the magazine.

Yep. You know how? Marketplace, and online. You know the drill, that hasn't changed!
You just have ALSO Shameless to check out, now!

Let me know about your magazines, and I'll be sure to cover it on the blog! Enjoy.

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