Friday, September 18, 2015

Wanna Flick? Showgirls!

Movie time again, and it's showtime!

Yes, that's THE Showgirls, so much to my dismay, it's not a follow-up of the Paul Verhoeven classic that put to a screech-ing halt the career of Jessie Spano (yes, that's 2 Saved by the Bell references in one line, but then again, Dillon is such a perfect SL version of Zack), but certainly one of the finest SL videos by HBIC, bringing to you this week 2 great productions with a beautiful cast (more on it later!).
And about the cast...

What a pleasure to see Zaria back on the silver screen, and Tristan Steele paired up with her has a great look that hopefully will see him land more roles in the future as well.

Larry and Partee are both actors who need no introduction, and look simply perfect in their respective roles of âgé patron and sultry dancer. Because really, you don't want to see them swap roles.

And of course, Carly and Dillon have that unique chemistry as on-screen couple. The only way this could have worked better, is if Dillon's new hair was set accidentally on fire by Carly's firesticks, but ultimately I agree with the choice of not making it happen.

And we do have a cameo by Meg Corral in this, and a naughty one! We do want to see Meg in a full xxx role again soon, what a tease she is! Sounds like a comforting cliche, to say that everyone in the movie looks great, but just take a look yourselves :-) And the beautiful location - you can't go wrong picking Elysion for a shoot with this theme-, offers a real chance for them to shine.

It has been a while since my last review of a movie by Dillon (in my defense, I had transportations troubles and some bills to deal with - you know credit bounce and stuff), but it's good to see he hasn't missed a beat through his holidays. Confident at the helm, Dillon has perfected the music video style, with his measured and elegant camerawork being a spot-on fit with the soundtrack.

As viewers, I am sure you will appreciate the style of the movie, high in porn content and titillation but very professionally shot, with a few tricky dissolves being the obvious postproduction highlight of a direction that sets the shots up in a rather evocative flow.

Hey, it has pussy cocks and tits (ass too!), so it's very watchable!

Which brings me to the point when I say...

that the movie is here after the jump! And please, if you want your work covered on the blog , let me know and perhaps we can work together on a post!

The Showgirls

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