Monday, September 14, 2015

Wanna Flick? Dirty Monkey Business!

Time to look at some movies again! Today, putting the spotlight on a moviemaker who hasn't been doing a lot of promotion for his own work, but I am sure many are familiar with him, also for the quality of his photography. I am talking about Christion Sparta!

In his most recent movie from the beginning of the summer, 'So Often', you can find a few of his directorial trademarks: steamy hot action, curvy models, and a cool soundtrack that goes with the flow of his dynamic camerawork.

There's no shortage of hot 'snapshottable' moments here, but of course, movies are best appreciated when, you know, seen! In particular, my snapshots can't do justice to one of the techniques that mr. Sparta employs.

Sparta likes to crossfade his shots, creating often some intriguing and even emotional sequences, a technique he used ever since his debut really, as you can see for instance in his 'Pornstar' video.

Featuring the gorgeous and very talented London Zane, also director of photography in this one. But seriously, you have to look at the images in motion to truly 'get' it. One word of caution, and it's very much worth reminding: hit the HD button on the NM player, as the compression gets really harsh on the misty visuals already.

Movies who employ a different, less expressive light such as 'Gym Fucking' are less subject to that, of course, but I think these movies give a good example of one of the outstanding qualities of his directing.

He mentioned recently that he is working on a new project, so, we'll be watching that!

And I'll be watching YOUR projects too: just drop me a line about movies, magazines, sets that you'd like to cover, or just chat about, and hopefully you can work on something!
Thanks, and enjoy! (hit that HD button on the player!)

So Often


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