Monday, December 5, 2011


We are very, very proud to announce our selection as the HEAD OF JUDGING for the 2011 THE SEXIEST® FILM AWARDS.

This person will be in charge of selecting all the judges for the awards and tallying all the votes.
Last year, the great Hard Rust took on this task and did it amazingly well.

It's a difficult job. The person who takes it on cannot enter any films to be judged. They cannot talk to anyone about who the judges are or how the voting is going.

And no one but they will know who the winners of the film are until the envelopes are opened. In fact, last year Hard Rust was at a separate location announcing the winners live during the show. Not even I knew until he told Fang live. We can't thank Hard enough for handling the job with so much skill and integrity.

Its a big gigantic job.

But today we believe we found someone whose achievements in Second Life film make them an equally great choice!

And that person is...

The great PIXIE RAIN!!!

Pixie's reputation as an artist is Second Life is second to none. Her erotic work has been received not only among her peers as among the very best. But she's been recognized by the art world as well.

She is a creative powerhouse with an unlimited imagination.

She is well connected in the worlds of art and erotica.

We couldn't be happier that she accepted. We're very honored!

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