Saturday, March 10, 2012


Movie Review : Metasex : By Tutsy Navarathna

When i heard Tutsy Navarathna was crossing over to the world of Adult machinima, i was extremely excited. An award winning mainstream Machinima producer, who excels in that genre producing a sex movie, is a mouth watering prospect!

I believe mainstream machinima artists flourish and become simply the best because when you actually analyze the content of our adult movies we are looking at anything between 70%-99% Sexual imagery. There is no shame in that, we're making porn. My point is however, if you remove up to 99% of your movie content, what do you replace it with? How do you keep your viewers interested, amazed, dazzled, and excited? That is the training ground of an artist like Tutsy. Who is now bringing that art, style, skill, imagination, and sheer creativity to bear on a adult movie project.

Thanks to Pixie Rain, a prominent star of this film, and Tutsy himself, i was sent a advance copy of this movie in glorious 1080p HD video. I have to say it was a truly amazing experience to watch.

I think it was after viewing number 4 that i felt i could pick my jaw up, and be in a position sit down and write something to outline just how special it is.

Metasex is as it turns out is as perfect a title as the movie itself. Metasex is a journey through every facet of fetish, sexual kink, turn on, and sexual activity happening right now in Second Life. Ironically this movie is so very Second Life, and yet the production lifts the content far outside our regular views of our in world experiences. Using some of the most impressive post production techniques I've ever seen. When somebody with this skill set, has the attitude that Second Life is a tool where the sky is the limit visually, you are going to be in for a special and amazing journey as a viewer.

As you watch Metasex, you are bombarded with spectacular imagery, relentlessly and uniquely pieced together. Taking in a whole metaverse of sexual pass times. You start to become aware how huge this project is, as scenes within scenes unfold, hundreds of examples of carefully shot and created content is sent your way, in a collage of video and stills. Blended, layered and collated together to give you almost a sense of riding through a gallery of video exhibits on a roller coaster. Which thoughtfully slows down long enough to let you enjoy, before moving on to the next eye opening work of art.

One of the most powerful aspects of Metasex is the realisation that many of the scenario's, fetishes, passtimes, even the outfits, and fetish attachments visited look very familiar to us all. For many of us this is a stark contrast to "Real Life". In doing so Metasex can leave you contemplating this short fall between your sexually liberated, confident, and exotic Second Life, and your maybe more mundane Real Life!

If you've ever shot a movie in Second Life which required any type of post production, you will have a special appreciation, and admiration of this project. If you are a regular viewer then you're still going to come away knowing you seen something very special. Although, as with me, i expect it'll be about viewing number 4 or 5 you can start to just take in what you've seen. It is a masterpiece! I for one am honoured Tutsy has made this crossover into our genre of Machinima. I hope it can inspire.

Metasex was made by a highly skilled and experienced producer. The most special thing about it though, was the imagination, and the realisation of the producer of what a playground we have to film in, and what can unravel and how it can inspire you when you use it and start to think of it in such a way. Outside the box there are works of art and some hugely enjoyable projects waiting to be made and pieced together. Not just by accomplished artists like Tutsy, but by all of us, no matter where we sit on the learning curve in Machinima.

I never even noticed the shadows!



  1. 'MetaSex' is a Master Class in machinima making. It demonstrates why Tutsy is SL's leading film maker.
    I am deeply proud to have been a part of this project, and to have Tutsy as a guide and a friend.

  2. This is truly freakin amazing... must admit I'm suddenly reluctant making sl porn again...

    omg.. need to watch that again..

  3. The possibilities are endless, and it goes to show the vast difference between making a movie, and just pointing FRAPS at SL sex animations. Fantastic stuff.

  4. A big thank you for this article very well done, as for the choice of images.
    And Thanks for all nice comments. :)

  5. Sometimes something comes along that you just have to bow down to and acknowledge as truly awesome. This is one such piece of work. It is a truly inspiring masterpiece. Well done Tutsy.