Saturday, March 17, 2012


The one and only, Pornstar's Group, and Blog founder, SL's #1 Pornstar : Emmanuelle Jameson
Jinx Jiersen has collected an amazing gallery of Pornstar Babes over a year of Photography in Second Life. He is one of the most sought after Photographers on the scene. For girls wishing to show themselves off, add to their portfolio, or be spotlighted here on the blog or on his very popular Flickr Photo stream.

Jinx has an eye for an erotic, sensual, sexy, and always very beautiful picture.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect when visiting his Flickr Gallery of Pornstars. Over 150 pictures of dozens of Second Life Porn Actresses taken by himself! What a pass time he has! And he does it with true professionalism, and pride, and the wish to just produce the most beautiful images he can.

Me "Serenity Juneberry" managing to stay dressed and look demure "ish"
Queen Of Second Life Porn - Krystall Pearl
Sexiest Award Winning Actress 2011 - Arwen Juneberry ( I'm doing the hard work underneath. )
Sexiest Awards Burlesque Performer - Kai Barineaux.
The very hot, and talented : Deelite Zenovka
Super sexy Sexiest Awards Photographer, model, and actress : Colleen Criss.
Brit Babe, superstar Director, and Sexiest Awards Judge : Pixie Rain.
The man himself, Jinx with Kanni. There has to be the odd perk here and there!

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