Saturday, September 29, 2012


One of the cornerstones of this blog, The Sexiest® Flickr Group, founded by Emmanuelle way back at the blogs beginnings, has now reached and passed 1000 members! Uploading over 16,000 images so far to the group.

The Sexiest® group is the main source of content for this blog, supplying the Pornstars Gallery, Photo shoot Posts, Movie Press releases, and of course the well known Sexiest® of the Day and Month posts.

The Flickr group is the first web page i load each day, i can't wait to see what all the members have produced. Looking forward to selecting which images to blog. Every up loader since the groups beginnings deserves to be credited for making this blog what it is, and entertaining us with such hot and sexy pics for many years now.

From myself and Emmanuelle, keep on snapping those naughty, beautiful, artistic, fun, hot, and SEXIEST® Pics! We always need more!

Thank you. xox

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