Monday, March 11, 2013

Fashion News and More !!!

SKIN FAIR !! in 4 Days !!

Here are your dates !

St. Pats is just around the corner as well ! So here is something for the well dressed lucky whore!

Lucky Whore Princess

Fashion News from Zee and Elle <3

Going Bust is a bi-weekly sales event at Cleavage sim. Participating designers place a discounted item outside of their shop, for 100L and less!
SexZ, J'adore, Jelly, [QE] Designs, Erotipose, Frosting!!, Rack City, Ellemeno, Pink Sugah, TRS, Carrie's Lingerie, D'Noir, Alter Ego, Cynful Clothing & Co, Waffle, D&G, J'adore poses, Bikini Locker, Sick Puppy

Sharodie's Design specializes in elegant gowns. Quite a bit of them, too!

Not all outfits have appliers.

When you enter the store, turn left and you'll see a sign that reads "Outfits and Gowns With Lolas Tangos Appliers". The outfits in this area have appliers.

You can check if an applier is included by selecting Buy and looking at the contents before you purchase. :)

Do so before you purchase just to be sure.

NEW TODAY From Warm Animations !

 Couples sofa with 75 new animations specially made for this sofa shape.

(you will not find these animations in any other sofa in SL , not even in my own store)

Marketplace :

Hope you enjoy it 
Warm Animations

Shayna Korobase, owner of Spanked Clothing, has a rebuttal to recent talks about creating unique textures for each breast clothing.

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