Friday, March 1, 2013

Pornstar Party @ Erotique

Last nights party was HUGE fun. All kids of hot and sexy people  AND did I mention FUN? 

Did I mention cash prize for the best in lingerie for guy and girl?

Did I mention a fabulous pose gift from Sufferingfrom Lockjaw too?

The prize winners for the night were Tabola and LouSL !! I spent most of my time there hoping this towel would fall. 

So, what was missing from these photos? Can you tell? 

Yeah , that's right , what is missing is YOU! 


  1. Amazing pics, great post Colleen.Thank you. :)

  2. Hell yeah it's was Fun Khal had us rocking to naughty tunes and did an amazing job besides the sexy night time planner Suffy keeping us all entertained it was just a ton of fun and for all of you who said you wanted later parties get your asses to the night parties :P

  3. The party went really well, and seriously, I need to give props to DJ Khal again. He really worked hard for this night, researching and collecting new songs and putting together a perfect set for this event.
    We are doing Rock Gear event next Thursday! And I will know soon what Tuesday is going to be:)

  4. Yes...great pics indeed...good to know my fiancee isnt MIA but seriously one of these weeks i hope to get off in rl to make it to some...keep up great work!!

  5. LOL why wasn't I here??? Seems i missed out big time!