Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pornstar Party Starlet

Well before I start on editing the picture's from the Sexiest Awards, it's time to show you who I picked for this weeks Pornstar Party Starlet. She is someone you all know and you will have to agree that she has a great look.. her own shape and skin, which makes her unique.

With her long blonde hair, big breast and big ass.. you guys and girls will have your mouths wide open and drooling all over yourself. Well enough of me rambling on, time for you to take a look at this weeks Starlet and also find out a bit more about her, which she wrote, I have added nothing to it or taken anything out of it.

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 Hiya Everyone. It's been loads of fun joining the pornstar group. While I've only created
about 3 adult films they have been received well by all. I love networking with other directors,
actors and photographers. To top it off the weekly parties have been a great way for me to just unwind mingle network and FLIRT my ass off. Outside the group I'm usually chatting with friends, exploring sims for future films or erotic photo shoots, shopping or getting my
freak on behind the sheets. What? you didn't know I was an insatiable woman? well maybe you'll find out just how much sometime.(winks) Love to meet more of you so if ya want to hit me up and say hello by all means. The more friends the better the orgy *laughs*. Alexandria Topaz


♥Keeley Snowfall♥

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