Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Sexiest® Film Awards : Nominee's Prizes

And the nominee's for this years awards are.....
Serenity Juneberry. Photographed by Jinx Jiersen.
This year for the first time we will be giving Awards Statues to every Nominee. Plus our "Oscars Style" gift bags too! To celebrate a very special achievement of being voted for and appearing at the Awards Show.

Above is the Award Statue going to Nominee's for this years THE SEXIEST® FILM AWARDS! Designed by Mirko Panacek.

Potentially there could be 40 winners of this statue with 5 names appearing in each of the 8 categories. However, multiple nominations usually occur at the Awards. The Nominee Statues will carry the category name, so if you are a multiple nominee, you will get multiple individual statues! Somebody could have a very impressive mantle piece at home after Sunday!

The gift bags have grown during this spell leading up to the re scheduled show. With Suff Lockjaw, and Aurora Bentham donating further gifts, Suff's photography poses, and Rora's store gift cards. These join the exclusive lingerie and men's swim wear designed by Mirko Panacek, and the great menu driven pose ball sets donated by Warm Animations.

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