Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello! Pornstars! : Erotique Gallery 'Surrender Party 2' : Part 2

Wow what an amazing party this one was. The photography on display is something else too! Creative, imaginative, and damn sexy. Well worth a look. I've combined my own party snapshots with some sent to me by Jewell Shinja, big thanks to her for those great pics!

We had a huge crowd, well over 40 guests at one point, including some of the biggest names in porn. Which really thrilled a lot of newcomers there, and underlines just what our Pornstars Parties can bring about. They are awesome places, to meet, make contacts, and new friends, and really make yourself feel part of the porn scene.

The crowd was so big, i did my best to grab pics of everybody, but a few crashes, and some struggling saw me miss several people i really wanted to snap. So, my apologies for missing some, and for the quality of my snapshots.

You still have time to enter a picture to the 'Surrender' gallery. Judging will begin after entries close this coming Sunday.

Visit The Surrender Gallery. Click Here For A TP In World.

Picture By Jewell Shinja.

Picture By Jewell Shinja.

Picture By Jewell Shinja.

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More Pics From Jewell Shinja.

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