Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pornstars Facials - Special Gallery! #2

Pounce nom!

Importance and quality of photography made by and featuring the SL Adult Stars have improved through the years, as we know while The Sexiest® Awards approach, with the all new categories. So let's see a few of the members of the in world group The Sexiest®:Pornstars, caught for some reason with most of their clothes on!
I am very glad of the appreciation that this "bonus" gallery has drawn in its first installment. Again, I'd like you for the next one (whenever that will be!) to send your favourite non porny- picture featuring yourself using the in world mailbox, or letting me, Katina Cazalet, know your choice. Enjoy the view!
Credits are at the bottom of the post.

Shuougun papazazzoted
[Snapaholic] Tatiana
ARnnO@Roche !
Moon V2
Tell me what you feel
Jade (1.11.14)
Raelin close up
The ?
Breathtaking Miss Ace Nokkers 1
Lou (1.17.14)

This gallery featured:

Rix Spyker and Luna Talon (by Luna), Shuougun by Arnno Planer, LovelessDoll Claven by Sergio Jiadom, Tatiana Easterwood by Arnno Planer, Arnno Planer by Tatiana Easterwood, London Sparta, Moon by Kayleigh Frost, Emmanuelle Jameson by Mirko Panacek, October Betterncourt, Moonie by Kittyinda Henhouse, Jadelyn McAuley by Kei Frequency, Raelin Jestyr by Zaria Velde, Ace Nokkers by DarkAngel Marenwolf, Lou Moonlight by Kei Frequency.

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