Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tips and Advice from Pornstars - Phat Azz

For a few weeks now i have been working on researching the Phat Azz product... not just in world talking with people but also reading allot of forums and blogs out there with info on them. If your wondering if i have jumped in and got one... well no i haven't . But everyone has their reasons and likes and dislikes.  I always say you got to do what you like .. we all have our own tastes.

So my item for this month is a advice sort of review in one... its on the Phat Azz . Which is basically a mesh but just like our boobs have gone mesh ( tangos). They are made by CK Winx and sold at Luck Inc http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Luck%20Inc/76/130/22  Like the tangos it uses appliers for the skin matching and again with clothing basically like the tangos. If you skin doesn't come with appliers you can tint it. There are four basic skins for the mesh booty and tattoo blending layers to match it to your skin. There is a note card that comes with it with more info  to know how to tint the rigged mesh bum.

Strawberry Singh - Phatt Azz photo and for more info on her opinion check out her blog  review on it here


Phat Azz

Little more info on it is that one thing i didnt know is that it doesn't just cover the butt.. The coverage starts from around the lower torso/hip region and goes to your ankle... so its a Azz with legs . Its used with  appliers...( skin and clothing layers) Ive also head some say they had to do some body adjustments... due to the big butt and some AV's having tiny waists... so looking a bit abnormal..

So some possible cons are if your skin doesn't come with appliers, possible  shape adjustments...and then multiple layers of skin, clothing and tatts etc...

then of course we have the pros to this topic...it does give the body a nice smooth look from the ass down. Which we all know for in our work as models and or photographers thats a good thing. Cause we all know it would be nice fo our derrieres can be round and not jagged.

so would i get one... well i do have the tangos... but i mainly use them for photo shoots cause i like the look of them in my pics and others work. Just not sure how "big" i want my backend to look tho... Which brings me to my next  item to spread the word on is L.Inc now sells the Cute Azz...which is a smaller edition of its sister the Phat azz... This one has a bit more of a firm push up fit tushy look. So this one might be something i will look into... but not running to go get one just yet .

 Cute Azz Promo / Cute Azz -  Jadelyn McAuley
Cute Azz

Cute Azz

Dat Cute Azz

so before i close here is a few extra little links...
SL Fashion Directory under the Phat Azz tag .. some fashions that use Phat Azz appliers in the clothing http://slfashiondirectory.com/?cat=6825

So with that all said thats it for my rambling tips and advice post this month.. if anyone  has a idea, topic or question just ask and i will search it out and toss it in   the monthly advice column... just send me a IM or better yet a notecard inworld to Eva Brunswick...

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