Thursday, March 27, 2014

Look Out For... Marika Blaisdale & Melinakis

Working well?

I have to admit: by chance at first, then deliberately, I waited before featuring a lot of nice work from both these girls (who make plenty pics anyway each on their own!), to show in a specific post how nicely they work as a creative team. Both make their own poses when needed, and have ideas and are not afraid to try them out, taking sometimes both their own version of the picture. This is something that i love and would really like to see blogs and groups help: interaction between members. Look up the work of others, talk to them, and be as active as much or as little as you can keeping in mind the fun aspect of this. There are no real goals or claims to fame, it's always a matter of contributing in whatever capacity to something you can enjoy, putting your skills to a good use and possibly learning more.

So, these are all pics by Melina, and by Marika. Click on them, visit their flickrs, check out in the credits for each who did what, and I can assure you, it doesn't cover the nature, and the beauty, of collaborative interaction between two individuals who love what they do. Hope you can find that out by yourselves!

Appearing also on the pics, each with their invaluable contribution: Charles Parker, Dominic Dawes, Passion, Bailey, Katina Cazalet, Ashlynn Jameson.

Lunch is ready...where are you?

Are we playing hide & seek?

I can hear you...i will find you

OMG! They had lunch on their own!

Marika getting her lesson

Marika getting her lesson (2)

Marika & Passion

Marika on her own

Always Keep The Flag High

The Creation Of ShoeGirl

Marika & Bailey Still Trying Boots On

Don't Drop Me!



Never Bet Your...


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