Friday, March 7, 2014

Louise Kristan-Faulds : The Sculptress

It was a real pleasure to be a part of this photo story/sequence. Which is as nicely produced as it is a quite lovely, moving, and romantic tale. Once again Louise combines eroticism, class, and quality. To produce a special project and story. Featuring Louise, and Serenity Kristan-Faulds.

I'm posting each image with Louise's story narration below. I hope you enjoy this set.

The Sculptress 1

When one has lost a true love the feeling of despair can be strong. The sculptress decided to use her art to channel her grief and immortalise her lost love in marble.

The Sculptress 2

With her emotion channeled into the work the statue was perfection. So much so that the sense of loss and desire for the sculptress's loved one became overwhelming. This raw desire provoked a magical transformation.

The Sculptress 3

The statue became flesh and standing before her was her lost love. Without thinking of how or why. The sculptress was drawn to her arms.

The Sculptress 4

There followed a night of such intimacy and desire as she gave her body to her creation. The sculptress knew she could never be parted from her love again but also felt a foreboding anxiety that this creation was just a temporary thing manifested from her desire. She knew there was only one thing to do to ensure their bond would last forever. 

The Sculptress 5

So now you may see them locked together forever bonded in perpetuity.

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