Sunday, March 30, 2014

Obsession Studios 'Into the Wild'

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_52

As I mentioned in yesterday's Gallery, I had on my 'to do' list more material on the Obsession Studios rain forest location. There has been some funny stuff going on in there!
You don't believe me? Then you have not looked at the two 'Into the Wild' sets by mr. Dawes! The first back in February featured Raelin Rage-Stillwater, the more recent one sees Harmony Whitfield in action. With mr. Dawes himself, of course.

I must say having visited the location, that it really is a little gem in the premises of their professionally built Studios lot. Feel free to IM Dominic Dawes or his personal assistant Willo Barbosa (Willoden Portland) to ask for a tour, and perhaps permission to use the location. I really appreciated their avalaibility.

Visit the above links to the Obsessions Studios website for the erotic stories (and the full credits for both sets, including some little behind the scene insight), also flickr for the full sets, and enjoy!

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_073

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_077

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_099

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_104

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_108

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_120

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_018

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_021

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_023

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_026

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_032

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_035

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