Thursday, March 20, 2014

Obsession Studios: 'When Nature Calls'

Sim Love_Nature Calls_018

With a new fine restaurant opening up in the city, the romantic Mr. Michaels surprised his beautiful wife Simony with a "night on the town" of fine dining and dancing. The newlyweds are still very much in their honeymoon stage as the couple stare endlessly into each other's eyes during the first course of their meal sitting at the table with fine cloth linens and sterling silver utensils.

I love photo shoots who can tell a story. By itself, just with the visuals. This one from Dominic Dawes' Obsession Studios has that special quality to it. But of course, in pure Obsession tradition, this also comes *with* a story, which you can read on the Obsession website, for added entertainment.
Enjoy another bit of naughty fun brought by one of SL's most unique studios, and i leave it to Mr. Dawes' words and credits, again, as he can do that definitely better than i could! Enjoy the 'chocolate lava cake with a cream filling', like Simony Love did, and again, visit mr. Dawes' website for the full story, not to mention the set on Flickr!

A VERY special thanks goes out to Simony Love and Jack Michaels for their participation and PATIENCE in waiting for this set that took TWO scheduled appointments. BOTH are very dear friends and among the classiest and most incredible people I have ever met in Second Life! Thank you ~ Mr. Dawes I would also like to thank Willo Barbosa for building the bathroom set while we were shooting on location at the restaurant! Miss Willo is, without a doubt, the most valuable person within Obsession Studios! Thank you, Willo ~ D.D.

Sim Love_Nature Calls_032

Sim Love_Nature Calls_033

Sim Love_Nature Calls_036

Sim Love_Nature Calls_052

Sim Love_Nature Calls_076

Sim Love_Nature Calls_079

Sim Love_Nature Calls_097

Sim Love_Nature Calls_098

Sim Love_Nature Calls_106

Sim Love_Nature Calls_114

Sim Love_Nature Calls_149

Sim Love_Nature Calls_152

Sim Love_Nature Calls_154

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