Monday, March 3, 2014

Special Gallery Post by Eva Brunswick

I cant help but thinking as Serenity is reading this.. she is wondering what the hell is Eva
Normally i post a New to Porn Gallery showcasing the newer people to the pornstar group... but sometimes
Arriving at the Premiere we need to recognize someone... very special... and dear to us. Yesterday i was honored to be able to not only go to the Sexiest Awards, win a award, but i got to see wonderful sweet person win the Life Time Achievement Award ( oh and hear Jinx on voice  :)

THE SEXIEST® HEAD JUDGES 3 Serenity Kristan-Faulds...

... Successful business women in secondlife with all the work you do in the Pornstar Group.. a great role model...Sweet...Caring...encouraging... and friend to many...You have truly showed us what you are made of and you can overcome and handle anything.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.
I personally want to say thank you for alway being there.. when i started the group...  the encouragements on my work... when we were Hotties... and most of all your words of wisdom and
support  from Starting the Porn Info Center.. to Studs of Porn and being able to work
on the Pornstar Blog...i can fully say i am happy where my sl porn career has gone especially in this last year ... and alot of it was cause of you... Serenity... *smiles* ..
I can honestly say many times i debated on talking to Sere about ideas that pop in my head.. lol those that know me i can be a bit shy...( yes i know hard to believe). Many times it would take me several days before
i'd message Sere and say .. my usual of Hi .. how are you and well i had this idea... lol ..Lucky for me... they were either good or something she was thinking of too or along the same lines. No matter how many times i might change things a bit or alot.. or get slammed with rl and sl.. SHE has always been supportive... and
I thank you for that.....for never giving up on me... my ideas.. my ambitions..

So i look forward to the future... of working with you and for you.. in the Pornstar Group... watching and waiting for whatever comes next from Erotiques you and your amazing Family Louise and Kat.. and the work you three do .. and you truly have done a lifetimes worth of achievements and we look forward to many more..  so Cheers to you Serenity .. i am glad to know you and call you my friend *hugs*


**Thank you to Katina Cazalet for finding me the photos and what i needed to be able to post them.. hugs!

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  1. Sere, you truly are one of the sweetest people I have met in SL. You are a huge support to many many people here. Thanks so much for all that you do. xo