Monday, March 17, 2014

Spirits of St.Patrick's Day: Another Special Gallery

Theme: Beer! (Studs of Porn contest - Erika Thorkveld)

As usual plenty of festive material from the group members, and one gallery could not be enough. We totally want to experience smexy pics intoxication. So, i give you more, starting by toasting with Erika Thorkveld in one inventive and absolutely hilarious pic that caught my attention already in February. We keep the spirits up with 'Kiss me, I'm drunk..." by Kirsten Smith, and with the other 2 themed pics of the day by Spirit Eleonara. Then , i give you Huchie, Vixxen Rainbow, Jadelyn McAuley, Maenia Kristan, Fawn Serenity, Bewitched Difference, DevonAdams, Chandi, Rosa Rhiadra, Ivori Faith, Deirdre Paulino, and we close properly with Bewitched Difference again. Hope you had a nice day of drinks and and happiness, and if you found any pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, donations are welcome. Just keep 'donating' your pictures sharing them , and we're all going to be happy, tho. See you (hungover, probably) tomorrow!


me, I'm drunk.... The Spirit of St. Patrick's Day The Spirit of St. Patrick's Day Happy St Pats Day-HP01p Vixxen_StPattys_002 Celtic Crossing Happy St Pattys day Happy St Patty's Day Happy 

St. Patricks day KissMe St. 

Patrick's Day Happy St. Patrick's Day! Feel Lucky? StPats008 Happy St. Patrick's Day

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