Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 11

Beaching (3) Welcome to today's Official Pornstars® Gallery. Ah i love flickr groups. By the way, i have not reminded you in a while to share your pictures in the The Sexiest® Flickr Group and/or the The Erotique Reflections Group, or of course to bring your work directly to our attention you can send us a mail in-world. Anyway , i digress. Yes, flickr groups. I think we usually receive invites to rather eccentric ones. After being simultaneously invited to Rich Milf Cougars and Horny Teens With Suspenders, i have started doubting myself. But this one, in Erika Thorkveld's words is kinda ...different.

Some time ago, I have been invited for this Flickr group called 'What it's like to be me', specialized in photos taken in mouselook. Never did anything explicitly for it, but the other day, I was being lazy on a naked beach, I thought it was the right moment to do some. *winks*

Surely few get the type of sexy view looking at themselves that Erika does. Ok well, we have a gallery now to move forward. We're on the beach, with Erika, in the 2 opening pictures. Let's stay there with Ali Lancrae shot twice by Jinx Jiersen, then Marika Blaisdale making (or breaking!) sand castles with PJ Dirval (first pic by Marika, second by Melinakis). More beauties on the beach with Ashley by David Dowd and Besitos Overland by Domino Dupre, we have the little known third Daft Punk Ashlynn Jameson partying, Nycole finds photographer Lessandro Carter's lollipop. We try to cool off with a different kind of tasty treat in a pic by Spirit Eleonara, and bathing with Keeley Snowfall. We fail. Jackson Greycloak overflows with Dokielicious Doobie(pic by Dokie) and the beach bursts into a nightly orgy or something (pic of awesomeness by Jackson Greycloak featuring himself with Spirit, Moonie and Seddy). All is left for me is indulging in self pleasure with Christina Vilda, and with Chandi, and i am done for today. Maybe. See you next time! Beaching (8) Ali Lancrae Ali Lancrae Playing sand Sand Castle Ashley I Bikini Blitz 4: Besitos Overland Dance_party_hula_hoop Nycole blonde Cold Treats Morning Bath Over-Flowin A Night at the Beach... Snapshot_091 Sometimes those urges just take control

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