Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 16

Swallow You

Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Official Pornstars® Gallery. It's all... sundayish and stuff. Nah I've got nothing. But i am sure you are not really paying attention to what i am saying , and you are just staring down Dokielicious Doobie in the eyes. I really admire her skills. Photography skills. Obs.

Well, we have plenty more smexy stuff. We have the usual masterful work by Athena Obviate featuring this time Shy Furlough, we have Freyja Nemeth shot in 2 pics by Stolen Sword, Meg Corral in a pic of her own, and in one by Shuougun featuring also himself and River Oryl. By the way, Meg also opened a new blog, a very interesting project called The Veterans Of Second Life Porn, do check it out!
Ok where were we? Oh yes, Nearly Doune with Mira, Lita (Lark Diabolito) by Graham Collinson, Jackson Greycloak with Kei Frequency, Moon in the kitchen, Elbereth Exonar dancing like a bee and stinging like a butterfly (or the other way around), and poor Ivori Faith helpless under Moonie and Seddy (pic by Seddy). We have then, Nakuru Bergamasco with his Zynda, a pic by Lessandro Carter, Sweet Mels with Tristyn Angel and Laura Demonista and we close with two pics featuring Bewitched Difference and the strange consequences of the substances she is smoking. Well, she is Dutch after all. The penultimate picture is by and with Tatiana Easterwood, and includes XXX Factor winner Vince Lukather, altho i am told it might actually be his stunt double. Hmm. Great moobs, I must say.
Have a good sunday, and i hope to see you all in shape and sober for the next party!

Shy - Pure Poison Freyja the Kitty Freyja the Kitty On Display Meg+River+ Shu = Hot Moments Mira Lita Bound and Savored... Breakfest is ready Punch Ivori Helpless Sometimes it is Hungry Blonde Acey Tripod Hallucination ! Hanging around...

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