Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 30

DJ Yana

Welcome to Sunday's Official Pornstars® Gallery! It's my pleasure to open the gallery with a great picture by our resident dj Yana Grau, always spinning the tunes on multiple parties for the SL porn community. You'll catch more than a glimpse of her today too, I am sure!

Now we continue with two highly erotic shots by Stolen Sword featuring Laura Spain Neox, a retro one by Chandi, Clair de Loon with a willng and obviously eager model in Andre, Vixeee once more looking sultry, two bits in Bud Solo's work with Marika Blaisdale, two from the sleazy yet classy portfolio by Anna Angela, and guess what? two as well from another italian, the many with 'u's to spare, Shuougun! Featuring poisioness.
We have the sensuality of Evy Blackheart, Ayara Illios, Gipsy Be and then Jessy Xuisse and Chloe Nicole, both (yes, another duet!) by David Dowd, mixing up newcomers and established stars. Last but not least, i give you one from Laura Demonista, cos she does always pretty cool stuff and i could nearly do a gallery post just with her output.

Thank you Laura, thanks to everyone who contributes to the gallery through The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group and the in-world mail, and everyone reading this and watching aaaaall that below. Bye bye for now!

Laura Spain Neox Laura Spain Neox retro Andre snapshot CallingMarika03 CallingMarika04 81 Big Boy 09 Meeting Poisoness.. Meeting Poisoness.. I'm still here. (Sometimes) coffee Gipsygirl.. Jessy I Chloe I Filling

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