Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 8

"*PS* 8 March"

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery. It's ...well, you can see what day it is. It's International Women's Day. And hey, we are so very international here in SL. Starting with Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko that opens this gallery. I could tell you which country she is from, but that might come obsolete in a few weeks, only mr. Putin knows. Whops, sorry. I was almost getting political here. Back to work with the gallery!

We have Ayara Illios, Nichola Catteneo, Moon, two great women in Tatiana Easterwood and Kirsten Smith by the greatly imaginative Sweet Mels, Tempted Passion by Graham Collinson, Fleur Coco by Graham Collinson, Robin Rondini adding to the Marylin mith, Laura Demonista in all her femininity and in two pics at that. Then, as i anticipated some galleries ago, more from Mimi (Mystik Shinn) and Anita Dark, in two pictures of girl fun. Then, Novo gets to be the only man in this gallery by being good to Meg Corral -pic by Meg-. Ivori Faith is a stunning Venus in Furs, and Starr Raine agrees. Then, we have Carla Draesia tasting and shooting JayJay Moyet, Christy Mack, Nattyy (Nattyrey101), Zuby Gloom seducing Envy Watts and two pics by David Dowd, a photographer who brings us lots of new and already established faces shooting them at their best. This time i show you his feature of Ashlie Akico and Chloe Nicole. The last pic has a quintet of hot girls : Moonie, Zeo Xia, Jadelyn McAuley, Spirit Eleonara, Megzi Babii. And pitches a party, cos... you know. Why not. We love that sort of thing. With girls showing their tits and all that. See you tomorrow!

Untitled Here 

comes the sun The GGP Greatness Shadows Fleur - Dreamer If 

Marilyn had had a little extra Daylight Wither Lesbian Afternoon Lesbian Afternoon Taste Venus In Furs You Look Sexy WET MOMENTS WITH JAYJAY_03032014_015 The painter In the Woods Seducing Envy Ashlie I Chloe I Spring Break

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