Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: March 2

Say! What kind of cinema IS this????

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery! It's movie day, you know! The award ceremony is hours away. Are you going to be there? Are you going to entertain yourself in the wait by watching hot clips? Do it at the same cinema Laura Demonista went to ! Given the lenght of most machinima, it can make for a rather quick experience. Or do it at the drive in (literally!), like Spirit Eleonara with Hard Rust , down here. So, on the gallery today, Sexiest® Awards nominees and therefore possible winners, but also a lot of gorgeous pictures by very special people who could have been there and can be there on any given day. Thanks to everyone who loves to make pictures and show them here.

So, we have the always handsome Stolen Sword, a pic by the masterful Tatiana Easterwood featuring Emmanuelle Pearl, two boiling hot pics by Rosa Rhiadra from the past year recently reposted by her victim there Edvard Taurion. Then , red carpet photographer mr Jackson, resident paparazzo Arnno Planer, photography guru William Weaver shooting the incomparable Kei Frequency, Miss Emily by Rhiannon Tamerlane, Serenity Kristan-Faulds, Elroy Click, Meg Corral by Malibu Mint, James Wolfgang with Tara, Mistyk Shinn in a pic from her B-T.E.A.M shoot with JD and Rocco Van Helsing. And in the last bit of the gallery, one picture from last month's BUSTed magazine by London Zane of the gorgeous Lou Moonlight, plus Jenny Starveling celebrating Naked Sunday, Bewitched Difference, Ayara Illios in a pic by (and featuring) Hoobs, and we close with more Laura at the movies. See you later at the Awards party, right?

Drive In?
Stolen after a shoot
Pleasure of pain
Taurion's Castle Tour
Taurion's Castle Tour
Senza titolo
the many breaths in waiting...
Sunset Pool 3/8
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
My sista Megan

and Tara Wolfgang - I'm yours, your mine.
Busted Magazine February 2014
Naked Sunday 3-2-2014 at Mango Island ... a new place ... come visit!
Ready to be kissed....
Trying some new Techniques
And We Never Did See That Movie

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