Friday, March 7, 2014

The Sexiest Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : March 7

The Sexiest Photo Of The Day

Carley~Red Satin....

Carley~Red Satin. By Skip Staheli. Truly beautiful, and amazingly produced, it's also damn sexy! A real treat on the eyes. Which should always qualify anybody to be our Sexiest Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day

Suff I

David Dowd is producing some really nice and very sexy shots of our Pornstars members. We've enjoyed some lovely images of Suff Lockjaw (  Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest. ) in her gown at the awards this week here on the Blog, now it's time we moved past that, and onto 'Naked on a beach'! It's also won her our 'Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day' prize! Congrats!

Suff II

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