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A Sexiest® interview: Kirsten Smith (and more...) by Sweet Mels

Interview 1

My introduction to this is very short, because it's absolutely self-explanatory and better left to the words of those directly involved. I just want to say this is a great iniative, and something fun and insightful. Thank you very much Mels for giving permission to publish on the blog, and it could easily be YOU next time, being a citizen reporter. Or reporner. Hmm!

In fact, I am serious: if you have a friend and/or someone you admire, why don't you set up a chat with them and grab some pictures? We love to get to know our Sexiest® group members and notable personalities of the erotic arts scene. And very happy to give added visibility to this sort of quality production by publishing here. Originally published here.

I always enjoyed Kirstens work, Ima fan still, and so i went out and caught her for an interview, i hope she digs this as much as i had doing it all xD....check back to see who the lucky person who bumped pixels with was hot o.o

Interview 2

- Kirsten, your a well known photographer....what got you into doing erotic photos?

To me erotica is the best representation of the human body at its best, and in the case of virtual worlds, its an outlet to show off a well made and proportionate avatar.

- Do you agree when people say that you are one of a few that "raises the bar" for photos?

No, i will never agree to that. One good look at Flikr for instance, will let you know how many amazing artists are doing captures in Second Life or other virtual worlds. Some knowledge of editing, a decent graphics card and a good imagination is all you need.

Interview 3

- If you could get ONE person to model for you, who would it be and why?

Good question, i never thought of that, I'm more into photographing anyone who has a proportionate avatar and natural looks, i try the best i can to show reality to an extent, i say reality loosely, this is a virtual world after all so a little fantasy sometimes is needed. So to answer your question, i guess i would photograph the ones who take their time to photograph me because i know how time consuming it is to set up a good series of photos and editing them lol

- What are your opinions on breast implants and arse implants?

They have their place i guess, they make the avatar look a lot better in some cases then in others they look freakish and for me, they are a hassle, too much adjusting and use of appliers...etc, i like to change looks often, so implants are impractical for me. When it comes to photos, it doesnt make any difference to me, i can edit then very easily and shape any part in the female avatars.

Interview 4

- Would you advise to the new comers to porn that they MUST get them?

No, lol .....fake breasts, fake behinds, fake hands, fake feet even fake heads now! we will all look the same within the next year or so. My advise is, be original!

- Do you think these jeans make mah arse look fat?

Wait... you're wearing jeans? i see you naked

- Which Super Hero do you see yourself taking after?

Cat Woman, she's a Super Hero or a Super Villain? anyway, i think i can wear latex a lot better and i have fake boobs somewhere in my inventory lol

- If you could, right now, who would you like to "bump sexy pixels with whilst being naked?

Do i only get one choice? just in case...Don Mill, Serenity Kristan, any of the Lindens

Interview 5

- Would you let me watch and read the saucy emotes?? o.O


- If you could have your way with me for 4 hours, what would you do with me?

I'd take you shopping.

- What things do you look for in a model?

Realism, proportion, sex appeal, femininity or masculinity, friendliness, and sense of fashion

- What about men, do you think having huge muscles and a huge cock is attractive?

I think huge muscles are overrated and a huge cock is more hilarious than attractive

Interview 6

- Whats your favorite sexual position?

With a man or a woman? ;-)..... with a man, on my belly butt raised and the man on top of me feeling his weight and strength overpowering me... with a woman, tribbing has always been my weakness, its just so intimate.

- Tell us one memorable time in sl you had during a photo shoot and why?

When William Weaver ( amazing artist and architect, builder and dreamer ) asked me to pose for him because he wanted to photograph the perfect female form ( or so he said i have, maybe he just wanted to get laid, i dont know ) It was an amazing experience and an honor to be included in his photo stream.


And the rest is on Mels' stream! Thank you for the great idea! And by 'The rest' , I mean, things like... Don and Kirsten 1

SweetMelons: did you feel when I approached you and asked if you would like to be in a porn shoot with Kirsten Smith? and to make it better, SHE mentioned your name xD

Don Mill: I was surprised at first, not only by the request but by the idea that Kirsten has chosen me. I have quite the open mind and has admired Kirsten's flickr stream before. I was also honored by her choice

Omg, here comes a new challenger!! And it gets so hot.... Enjoy the two parts of the interview, like, TEH SEX!!!1!! on Mels' Flickr!Don and Kirsten 5

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