Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cherish's Dusty Dreams: 'My cowboys and cowgirls'

Tushy Tuesday 1

Like this cover for the Studs of Porn initiative above, I am sure that the remarkable series of cowboys and cowgirls pictures by Cherish (Cherishsky Resident) has caught the attention of many group members already.

It features some of the hottest Studs on the scene in Texas Rob McRae, Law, Mr. Dai, Edvard Taurion and of course the spanish cowboy himself Charles Parker (You see, Spain has a particularly good tradition with cowboys, considering how many spaghetti westerns were shot in Almeria!)
With the welcome addition of one hot lass we always enjoy seeing part of projects, Ali Lancrae.

Enjoy this small sample of what has been Cherish's work through the past days, check out her flickr not to miss any, and stay tuned for one more awesomely sexy cowgirl in this series. But that's for a later post...

TexasRob 1

TexasRob 5



Mr Dai1

Mr Dai7



Ali 1

Ali 5

Ali 7

Ali 6

Charles 1

Charles 4

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