Sunday, May 25, 2014

Get Your Hands On Some Lego Pornstars!

In Stores For Christmas!? Lego Serenity and Louise.
I was Inspired watching the 'Lego Movie' yesterday. Today I could not believe my luck when I found a 'Lego-ize Yourself' web page! ( Yes, I had some time on my hands this Sunday morning. ). See it on Flickr here!

You can attempt to make a Lego version of yourself using the neat custom design system on the site linked just below.

I admit, I have edited the above image in Photoshop some what. The actual end results and strictly PG. I'd love to see some more 'Lego Pornstars' though on Flickr. So please give it a go.

Hot! Lego Serenity.

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