Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pornstars Facials - Special Gallery! #4

Photographer: Kundala

As mrs. Thorkveld pointed out to me a few days ago when i saw a gorgeous portrait of hers, I haven't done one of these galleries for a while! Because, you know, stuff happens...
And yet, your favourite Sexiest Pornstars® have never stopped being, well, Sexiest! And ending up on camera for some lovely shoots. Non- porny ones, shown here in all their glory.

Credits are at the bottom, because your face.

Feel free to hit me up with your suggestions for the next installment of the gallery, showing me your favourite picture of yourself that you could show yo mama. 
Who is so fat she won't fit in a picture. 
Ok, don't ask me why I am suddenly speaking in memes. Ermahgerd.

Kei (5.21.14) Erika Thorkveld Spirit Eleonora paparazzoted Copernico Ferraris paparazzoted Junah Serenity Katina Louise Photographer's Eye II Kirsty Lane paparazzoted Loud Mouth test melinadark Marika Miss Blue Eyes Reflection in a Golden Eye TB Don't look back In Pieces snapshot Rachel (4.17.14) On this gallery: Kundala, Kei Frequency, Erika Thorkveld (by Meg Corral), Spirit Eleonara (by Arnno Planer), Copernico Ferraris (by Arnno). By Bonnie: Junah, Serenity Kristan-Faulds, Louise Kristan-Faulds, Katina Cazalet, Daimaju Clowes. Kirsty Lane (by Arnno), Moon, Melinakis, who also made the following pics with Marika Blaisdale and Ashlynn Jameson. Then, Pussie Galore by Bonnie, Twalun Boyington, Jadely McAuley, Vixee, Rachel Swallows by Kei Frequency.

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