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Pornstars Tech : Run Second Life On Your Tablet Free!

Recently i ran a couple of posts on getting Second Life running on your Android Tablet or Phone. using the 'SL Go App' this App was the cause of some controversy with its $3.00 an hour charges! Since then i reported here on the blog about the new changes to this tariff. SL Go is now $9.99 a month for unlimited use, or $1.00 an hour.

Good news for the travelling Second Life Users out there, also good news for those with low end, or older Laptops as you can have Second Life running 'SL Go' on older hard ware and let the SL Go Server do all the work, meaning you can have a SL experience way beyond the capabilities of your old machine and enjoy great graphics and performance without your poor old laptop taking the strain. So, SL Go is a very good thing for anybody needing it for the above reasons.


My Tip For A Low Budget 'Free' Way to use Second Life On Your Android!

What if you you are not moving too far? What if you want be out and about locally with your tablet or phone, or in other rooms of your home maybe? Then the opportunity arises to use a 'Remote Desktop' App. And I've just been playing around with the 'Chrome Remote Desktop' App. Which is free!

This is an amazing App! Once installed on your Android device, and on your PC Desktop, you can log in on your tablet/Phone, via a security pin number and just use your PC remotely. This of course means anything on your PC can now be accessed, you literally get a duplicate view of your PC desktop, and use your Windows as usual. Including all your software, pictures, and of course Second Life!

I began by making a few adjustments to my Firestorm viewer, such as setting it up for me to walk to where my cursor clicked, and made my camera controls box larger. I'm sure there are a few other adjustments you can make to have the second Life experience more suited to a touch screen tablet. After only a few minutes in world i was using Second Life pretty well, once you get your head around things and get used to the controls, and using your finger as your mouse etc, you can have a full Second Life experience no different at all from being sat at your desk top.

This really is worth trying out, it costs nothing, and aside from Second Life, this really could well be the most useful App you'll ever have.

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How to Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on PC?

Setting up the application on your PC or laptop is generally easy, requiring you to have the latest version of Google Chrome web browser to your computer. Run the browser, download the application from the Chrome Web Store and install it to your computer and on any other machine that you want to access over the Internet. Once the application is fully installed to both devices, you will have to grant it permission to access your computer ñ be sure to be logged in your Google account before hand; click Continue, then Allow Access.

Note that Chrome Remote Desktop can be used in two ways to access other computers, or to allow others to access your computer. To get started with the application, click Get Started and then Enable remote connections. At this point, you will be asked to insert a PIN to protect your computer enter a code that has at least six digits, then click OK. You will also have to insert the PIN in the User Account Control dialog box that will appear; once you are done, click Confirm, followed by OK.

You can even choose to change your computer’s name in the available devices list. Once you are prepared to access other computer, click its name in the available devices list, insert the PIN that you have set up, and confirm.

How to Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on Android?

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on Android is just as simple as if you were to install it on your PC or laptop. Once you download the application on your Android device, you only have to install it (which should not take more than a few seconds), and then run it. By installing Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android device, you will be able to access your computer any time you want. However, you have to install the app on the destination computer, too, and set a PIN that will be later used to access it via your Android device. Once you have installed the app on your computer as described above, simply run the application on your Android device, enter the PIN, and access will be instantaneously granted to you.

Download Methods For Your Desktop

In terms of downloading Chrome Remote Desktop, there are several options that you can choose from. To get the application on your computer, you only have to access the Chrome Web Store from your Chrome web browser and download the app by clicking Add to Chrome.

To download it on your Android device, you have two possible option. First, you can choose to download it from Google Play Store, which will allow you to use it without the Chrome web browser. The second option involves accessing the Chrome Web Store on your Android Chrome browser and clicking “Add to Chrome,” as we have described a couple of lines above.

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