Friday, May 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 2

Photographer : Kundala

TGIF! Yes yes , it's friday, it's the weekend, it's...what? it was a holiday already for you, yesterday? Pfft. I am STILL excited that it's friday. And i am excited to see a beautiful picture by Kundala. Which makes an excellent Official Pornstars® Gallery opener, and I hope it will officially open her a path of more and more photos and photo opportunities. You go, girl!

Now , for the rest: it seems we just can't let a day pass without shots of a mesh body, and there we have Laura Demonista with one. Followed by another pic of her, without a mesh body, and looking just as gorgeous. Hmm! Then, I show you Clair de Loon, a beautiful topless shot by Iris Sweet, 2 of Copernico Ferraris' ever gorgeous pinup shots. We get steamier with Moon, Erika Thorkveld in 2 pictures by Marika Blaisdale, Daena Wierwight in 3 pics! By Bewitched Difference!! With pigs!!! BEARS!!!! MORE pigs!!!!!
And now, in 4 pics, with yaks, boars and baboons, I....oh sorry, no such pics. Next time maybe.

But there is Emylio Capra (hey it means 'goat' in italian) by Maeva Pearl, and Andrew by David Dowd. Then we have Lark Diabolito, Sam Hanks with Artemis, Beca Staheli , and two pictures by the always sensual and suggestive Babygirl. See you in-world to PARTY, sexy people! All the weekend.

I Meshed Up Strike a Pose 1 + 2 = 3 Happy Topless Tuesday! ղმմցհէყ 1 ղმմցհէყ 2 Rip up my..... La Beauté 1 La Beauté 2 Daena..... Daena..... Daena..... Emylio Capra, Just Relax Andrew II wetter taking her like there's no tomorrow Boyish Delight 5 Time for bubbles. In His eye-line.

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