Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 21

In The Crows Nest

It's Hump day, and it's a day of parties and hot action. Kinda like every other day in the world of Pornstars, you might say! Well, yes. That's why we can have an Official Pornstars® Gallery every day, blogging literally hundreds of pictures every week. Today, we start by taking a peek into Crow Mistwalker's nest, thanks to Rachel Swallows. Hotness featured in the pic: Zuby Gloom, Jadelyn McAuley, Crow and Rachel themselves, Christina Vilda, Ace Nokkers. Woot!

After this plethora of well established names, a pic of an aspiring model in Cami Sweetz by the very talented Dee Winterwolf. Then, Meryll Panthar, more outstanding work by Melinakis as she shoots Iris Sweet and Scarlett Foxx, River and Lunedor Oryl (by River), Kain Flux, MW Jonson with Kirsten Smith. Then! Bodaceous Lust Magazine mainstay Berry Ixtar by Barrett Hawker, 2 great pics by Lia Nootan, and 3 yes 3 by Sandra Palletier, featuring the ever arousing Ivori Faith. After that, Roberta Romano's fine work, and Rhiannon Tamerlane's. And, after featuring Mr Jackson's shoots of Raelin Jestyr and Carmen Luscious, I am closing the gallery with Hump Day Queen Miss Emily. Wish you a great rest of the day!

And if you liked the opening picture, I must say, there's a LOVELY alternative take of it, by Nakuru Bergamasco, HERE. But I am not publishing it as punishment for not naming those sexy models. I have seen a blondie that is a real cutie. :p

model Cami (she is available for modelling contact me or her in flickr camisweetz) I 

Will Not Bow Scarlet & Iris... Kiss me... Stormy Days_5 We Going At It Hot Writer Susa Susa 2
One of these mornings
One of these mornings
One of these mornings RR660 BHI

-512_10-MAY-14_1400 Raelin Gems shoot 1 Carmen Luscious 1 Carmen Luscious 2 Naked!

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