Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Pornstars : Page 3 : Vixeee

SL User Name : VlXEN resident

SL Screen Name : Vixeee

RL Location : Florida U.S

All Time Favourite Photo Shoot ( URL ) : I am completely amazed at how beautiful these pics came out.

All Time favourite Movie Role ( URL ) : I don't have one to post.  I have been in a couple of movies but they have not been released yet.

Who Would Your Dream Shoot Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : Ms Spirit H. Demure AKA Spirit Eleonara.  I love her work.

Who Would Your Dream Movie Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) :  Scooby Mode.  His movies are hilarious!

What's Great About Being part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? :  I love how it is a real community.  I have met a variety of people and made a lot of new friends through this.  I was really surprised at how nice the porn people are.  I have also learned so much about SL photography...and I never knew how much I would enjoy that aspect of it..  I have found that (mostly) everyone has been unbelievably supportive and nice.

What's Bad About Being Part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? : The worst part so far has been when my technical problems (crashing, etc) have negatively impacted the work of someone else.  I hate to disappoint anyone and that is the worst for me.

If a loved one was to serenade you, what song would you most like them to sing? : November Rain.

See Vixeee in 360 Degree's and 3D! After the jump!

Photography, Video Capture, and 3D Imagery : By Serenity Kristan-Faulds.

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  1. Thank you Vixeee! I look forward to working with you, as it would be my pleasure. :)