Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Halloween 2014 @ Hard Alley

Our second visit to the Pornstars Halloween Parties. Part two of the Friday Block Party is always at Hard Alley. It was another awesome themed backdrop, and the Pornstars too did not disappoint with the best costumes I've ever seen for Halloween in SL. DJ'ed and hosted by Moonie and Seddy. I was lucky enough to catch some of it, enjoying a great double bill of The Spookiest® and The Sexiest® Parties!

Huge thanks to Zuby Gloom, who took these amazing Party Pics. Brilliantly detailed, and superbly captured images.

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  1. I wanna know who the girl was standing in front of RIP Lover Thief tomb the super kick ass ghost costume!!! who are you?