Friday, November 21, 2014

Omega appliers: using your Tango appliers with your mesh body

So you've seen the latest hype seems to be mesh bodies, and you're wondering if you should get one or not. The big issue being, you've already some mesh parts such as Tangos or one of the Azzes, and you're not exactly motivated to redo all your wardrobe if you get one.
Well, here are good news: you might not have to! The solution: the Omega appliers. This is the first attempt that I know of to make universal appliers for a very broad range of mesh parts. I got these myself for my WowMeh mesh body, and I have to say it has been working great so far! The other good news are, they're using the same applier system as the Lola Tangos, so your Tango appliers might work out of the box for any mesh body supporting the Omega appliers. Here is for example yours truly, wearing a mesh dress from !Soul that has an additional Tango applier:

Nice boobie wiggling, uh? Gosh, I miss that with mesh clothes… *grins*
So, how to get it, and how does it work? Well, to get it is quite simple: they're on the Marketplace, and they have an in-world store, called Love-N-Lust Designs. All you have to get is the Omega Kit for your own mesh body. Just do a search on its brand in the MP store and you should find it easily. The in-world store has huge posters with your mesh body on it, it should be pretty easy to spot. All kits cost L$99 (and are worth every penny *winks*). There are however 2 popular mesh bodies that you won't see there: the SLink Physique, and the body from The Mesh Project. Not sure why these don't have a kit, maybe simply because the body designers just didn't want to…
Now how to use it. Well, the best advice I can give you here is: read the instructions! Yeah, that very often helps, promised. *chuckles* Here is what I had to do with the WowMeh, I guess it is more or less the same for all other bodies:
  • I made a copy of my WowMeh body, hands and feet in my inventory. I chose to put these in a specific folder marked as the copy supporting the Omega appliers, but you can do as you please here. Just make sure to work on a copy, and to be able to find it back when you're done without confusing it with the original one.
  • The fun part: I took the copies of the body, hands and feet and dropped them on the ground. SL-style out-of-body experience, I guess, feels a bit weird. *chuckles* Dropping these on the ground will actually make a copy of the copy, so you might want to delete the ones that are still in your inv after that.
  • In the contents of the Omega kit, there's a script named 'Omega Applier Listener for WowMeh' - the name will change for other bodies, of course. I just dragged it from my inventory and dropped it on all the parts: body itself, hands, and feet.
  • Then I took back the 3 parts.
And now the magic:
  • I wore the mesh body with all the other required parts (alpha layer, and so on, you're used to that now if you have one).
  • I wore the Tango applier for the dress above.
  • I clicked on the button in the applier and…

Tadaaaaaa! The magic of technology! I just used a Tango applier on a WowMeh mesh body, woooot!
A warning though: not all Tango appliers will work with the Omega kit. If I understood well, some appliers use a full texture for the upper body, and others a reduced texture that only covers the breasts. The first ones will work, but not the second ones. So if an applier makes you look like that:

it probably uses a reduced texture, and it won't work with the Omega system.
There's also a trick to make Phat Azz appliers work with the Omega Kit, but I didn't test that one.

There's a lot more to the Omega system than just that though. There are quite a few clothes designers starting to include 'native' Omega appliers with their products. These will of course work with your 'Omega-powered' mesh body right out of the box. Let's hope more and more designers will support it, so that the applier hell will be over once and for all.


  1. TY :) A useful post about a great item. I have the Omega system and have it working well on my Wowmeh body. Really great job from all those involved in putting Omega together and also not charging a fortune for it either. Good to see some well known names like Blacklace adding an Omega option too, i hope many follow suit.

    Thanks Erika and thank you Omega!

  2. A comment about a single part of your post: yes, I can confirm that SLink does not in any way support or endorse the Omega system, as stated by Siddean herself ( ) , and as for The Mesh Project, I can imagine the same, since everything about their system is about keeping it proprietary, with the purchase hud, that impalpable "installer" thing, etc.

    As a general comment, thank you for the post! Too bad that we lack good mod mesh bodies like Wowmeh now, allowing new scripts like the Omega one to be installed in it pronto or simply play a bit with the texture offset like often was necessary with Tangos. Most tango appliers I have tried don't really work , as you pointed, due to the way they are made, but it is possible sometimes, in very rare cases, to edit one of the layers (make a copy :p) of wowmeh and tinker quite a bit to somewhat, some rare times, make the top usable. Like Sere said, really hope that more designers will add the Omega option, since it's pretty much the only possibility -it is sort of a hack and works with a variety of systems- to have clothes for all those discontinued or scarcely supported bodies around, considering that the two most popular systems (Slink and TMP) go their own, separate way.