Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The 5th Year Of Pornstars Partying @ Club Erotique

My first ever Pornstars Party Pic! One of the very first Pornstars Parties at Erotique in 2010. My dance partner has aged well, the great Hard Rust! Has he left the building?

Late October/November see's us go into our 5th year of Pornstars parties at Club Erotique. When we began hosting a weekly party for the Pornstars, the porn scene mostly had parties happening now and again at members homes, special events were hosted too by Emmanuelle Jameson, Hard Alley had some great ones too, sadly though often way past my bed time in England! We'd had such a great time though since becoming part of the Porn scene in the late summer of 2010 and met so many people, we decided to try and arrange our own weekly event. Hosted by DJ Candi Mendle.

Erotique Pornstars DJ Candi Mendle.

We've tried our best to host a weekly party ever since with the odd sim move, SL disaster, and RL interruption. In recent years the DJ work has been done in great style and with great loyal commitment by DJ Yana. Special thanks has to go to her, she not only makes the events what they are, but also designed and built the new Club Erotique, and all its themed variations.

Today in the Group the Party scene is so active we have our own Party Co-ordinator 'Moonie'. Who has also done a superb job along with Keeley. They have helped hugely in establishing the social and party scene in the Pornstars Group.

The great DJ Yana. Who not only DJ's twice weekly at our Pornstars events, but also built the present day Club Erotique, in all its forms!

Pornstars Party Planner Moonie.

Arwen at the 'Night Of A 1000 Pornstars' at Erotique. We raised approaching L$50,000 in our Red Cross donation boxes.

The Pornstars gatherings at Club Erotique have always been fun for us. Many Pornstars have come and gone since the early days, some still remain though. I love seeing the new faces arriving, and enjoy seeing those who have been around since the start. So, i've been having some fun looking at old pictures and remembering people and stand out events. I thought i'd share a few with you....

Emmanuelle Jameson.

Epic Pornstar Parties at Erotique come to mind right away. Such as the Red Cross fund raiser for the Japan Relief fund where venues right across the porn scene raised hundreds of thousands of L$, The Million Party for the Pornstars Blog 1,000,000 views, The XXX Factor parties, and The Wet Dreams event.

Quinn Ying


I'm delighted to have seen a weekly party line up and scene emerge along side Erotique. Miss Emily has helped the whole scene grow hugely with her regular long running events, along with the very full line up we promote today with all our weekly Official Pornstars Parties. Really they have become a vital part of the Pornstars Group. It is hard to imagine just the group chat being the only public form of interaction between members. The parties have shaped and really made the group a community. Providing opportunities for newcomers to feel part of everything quicker. As well as established members meeting each other. Everybody hosting and running them deserves a lot of credit for building something special for the Porn scene.

Pornstars XXX Factor party. We were asked to leave the Sim after this one! It got so busy!
The Million Party.
Boy's V's Girls Erotique's 'Wet Dreams' Event. The Girls Won!
Serenity ...Wet and Happy
The Latest Erotique Party. Louise in our In Door Pool for The Sunday Official Pornstars Party.

To finish up this trip down memory lane i'd like to thank every guest who ever visited Club Erotique's Pornstar Parties. Every DJ too of course. Everybody involved today bringing us our weekly Party line up in the group and scene. Moonie, Yana, Miss Emily, Zoey, Keeley, Ayara, Spirit and Hard Rust. Many people work hard to bring a fantastic fun, sexy, hot social side to our group. Huge thanks to all involved.

Myself and Louise look forward to seeing you for a long time to come at Club Erotique with DJ Yana. I hope we all have many more great times together. xox

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