Friday, December 19, 2014

Spotlight: Almost and Nearly's Advent Calendar

Lovely idea by Almost and Finished, a.k.a Nearly Doune, a.k.a Almost Finished, to have a really hot advent calendar this year! No wintery or Christmassy stuff here, just sun and beaches and pure sexyness that I'm sure will make you feel all warm on the outside and on the inside until Christmas comes!
Excerpts from all the shoots can be seen on Nearly's Flickr, and to see all the photos, just go to his Tumblr: the whole calendar starts with day 1 here.
A little selection of the photos down there, hoping to make you want to see more. Links to the full sets under the photos. Be sure to have a look at all the other ones too!
Day 1: Dokie (yes, the one and only Dokie, nice to see her as a model here!)

Day 10: Shu (and see her own version of the same shoot here).

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