Monday, December 29, 2014

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : Dec 29

Even though I answered this in a post earlier, I still get this question in one fashion or another. "How do you pick the pictures and why didn't you pick mine?"

First off, I'm glad you care enough about appearing on the blog to even ask, and it probably had nothing to do with your photo. I may have simply missed it. I may have already posted your work and am attempting to feature others. Being able to show as many people as possible is important to me. I may be holding off to use your work in a special post. In the end, these galleries contain twelve or more pictures that for one reason or another caught my eye and fit with what I currently needed. They are in no way, the twelve best, they are just twelve of the best within the context of the post. To really appreciate all the talented people out there, you should browse through the Flickr group.If you have something in group that you feel deserves to be on the blog and you don't see it, by all means, buzz me!

Stay sexy, and thank you everyone for ALL of your wonderful work!

Nakuru Bergamasco with Zynda A Bergamasco

Wolf with Pamela Spike

Starr Ghost

by Fawn Serenity

Sati Malaak by Syn Beresford

Tisha by Las Claven

by Mick Holland

Kaijah Chrome by Blues Rocker

Casha Fall

Mathilde Persson

Kittyindia Henhouse with Dan Blizerian

Bamboo Barnes by Hans Gooson

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre


  1. could the pictures or names be linked to their flickr pages? some of those are amazing and I would really like to follow them on flickr

  2. Yes. The only reason it isn't like that now is I was getting the hang of this and the time it took to go back through so many pages of photos. There are a few galleries already created, but after they run, you'll see links :)