Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Butt I Like It!

It shakes, it wiggles, it bounces...and it isn't jello! It's the glorious tight, round, hard, soft, cushion for the pushin' It's the ASS! Not you, get back out to the barn! I'm talking about this.

This ... below this

Domino Dupre by Hoobs


Dannika Dryke

by Fritz with Cindy Starostin in there somewhere

Laura Demonista

Hermia Heartsdale

by Ana Wax

Salena Lima

by Elbereth Exonar with Marie Christine

Shyla Styles and Tamara Niven by Angel (DM)

by Purple Eye with Brooke Portilo

by HuniiB with BabyDoll Candy

by Ali Lancrae with Lucrezia Cybertar and Daisha

by Leannan Wolfgang with James Wolfgang

Rachel Swallows

Sydney Garnet

by Benjamin Glendale with Billy Blaylock

Brooke Portilo

Jenny Starveling

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

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